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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2321 – Killing God Ye Yuan! marvelous steel
Ye Yuan directly swallowed the medical supplement with no slightest reluctance.
Just before the alchemy pathway decreased, in the last Doomsday Struggle, alchemy way powerhouses obviously unleashed incredible features, delivering large troubles into the divine competition.

“You people have worked really hard. Leave behind the other parts to this very Ye. Everyone follow this Ye, this Ye normally takes everybody out!”
Ye Yuan required the cause, opening up exactly how ahead, and the rest of the human powerhouses adopted closely regarding.
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For a second, the balance from the warfare basically started off inclined toward the mankind!
Ye Yuan forcefully reined his intellect and focused his full body and mind for the capsule refinement procedure.
… …
“Everyone, let us go and defend Next Sage! With him around, our survivability will considerably maximize.”
Ye Yuan’s divine heart and soul was already fatigued. He obtained not a way of addressing these divine race powerhouses and abyss monsters whatsoever at this time.
When speaking, the sword formation flew out. The locations that it pa.s.sed by reaped the lives of divine race powerhouses and abyss monsters without restraint.
Although the commotion at Ye Yuan this side was seriously far too wonderful, getting a growing number of divine race powerhouses and abyss monsters.
This degree of powerhouses, each will acquired their own individual competitors and may even not redirect too many people to handle Ye Yuan along with the individuals on his side.
For just a moment, the balance on the war basically started leaning toward the human beings!
Ye Yuan directly swallowed the healing dietary supplement minus the slightest reluctance.
The selection structure provided off a stunning lighting, obstructing the strikes all instructions.
On his feeling, our powerhouses were actually all selfish and did not value some others.
And his awesome atmosphere also skyrocketed, his cultivation kingdom directly growing by the considerable amount.
Now, the places where Ye Yuan pa.s.sed through had been akin to no man’s land.
Immediately after several hours, a medicinal product solidified in the selection structure.
His latest realm was already equal to Second Firmament Heavenly Emperor.
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Numerous our powerhouses heaved a sigh of remedy one immediately after an additional.
Originguard establishing this combat, those he was truly aimed towards were the top-ending combat abilities like Treatments Ancestor and Wing. Naturally, their possibility was considerably, much greater than Ye Yuan.
A lot of individual powerhouses heaved a sigh of pain relief one after an additional.
The array creation presented off a dazzling mild, stopping the conditions from all of the guidelines.
The highly effective divine competition and abyss monsters were definitely like lambs expecting slaughter facing Ye Yuan. These were cannot hold up against the potency of his one sword whatsoever.

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