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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 451 pretty trap
Hao Ren stepped into a puddle .
Pittpatter… It started to drizzle away from the cla.s.sroom .
“Thanks! Grandfather!” Xie Yujia acquired from the automobile and believed somewhat difficult .
“Forthcoming, Grandmother!”
“Thank you, Grandma!” Xie Yujia along with the other three women claimed together .
“Oh! It’s not like that,” Hao Ren responded to hurriedly .
Hao Zhonghua began his Ford and pa.s.sed Yue Yang’s Ford .
He just couldn’t see why Zhao Yanzi, who obtained attained Zhen-amount thereby was should be a proficient female, will be so very poor in the studies . He credited it to her inattention to her cla.s.ses .
It appeared to have not a thing with regards to the expression . The intellect network system in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine experienced propagate to areas above Fifth Paradise, and its particular power in amassing facts was extraordinary .
“Really good, Granny!” Zhao Yanzi clarified ahead of the others .
“Oh! It’s not like that,” Hao Ren solved hurriedly .
“Females, supper is ready!”
He glanced on the back end-viewpoint reflect on his part and couldn’t see Yue Yang’s Ford any longer .
Shoulder to shoulder, they walked toward School Creating C with feelings with a weight of with their heads, but neither of those wanted to talk about their thought processes with one another .
It had been obvious to Hao Ren that his mothers and fathers have been inside a ice cold war .
Women, dinner is ready! Grandmother referred to as out of the lounge . Emerging, Granny! From your spaces downstairs and upstairs, Lu Linlin, Lu Lili, Xie Yujia, and Zhao Yanzi arrived almost concurrently . In their ap.r.o.n, Grandmother couldnt avoid smiling . Zhen Congming yawned while he went out of his area with Minor White colored right after him carefully . Hao Ren went downstairs coming from the second surface wearing a concise-sleeved s.h.i.+rt . Appear and consume zongzi! Granny brought the girls to your table and put chopsticks before them . Appreciate it, Grandma! Xie Yujia plus the other three girls stated together . The fillings are duck egg cell and clean pork . Every one of you ought to eat out at the least two zongzi, or youll get famished! Grandma smiled and questioned, How were definitely your sleeps yesterday? Really good, Granny! Zhao Yanzi answered before the many others . Thats fantastic! Grandma nodded with fulfillment . Ren, you are a young man and should actually eat three a minimum of three zongzi! Ok… Hao Ren sat while dining and sighed helplessly when he saw which the zongzi ended up as big as fists . Small White, occur! You consume food a zongzi too! Granny position a smallish pan on to the ground and unwrapped a smallish zongzi before applying it into the pan . Small Bright sniffed at it and made the decision that this didnt wish to consume it . This pet is choosy . Granny patted Minor Whites head gently . Little Whitened, be good! Xie Yujia urged . Reluctantly, Very little Bright white decreased its mind and began to nibble at the zongzi . If it was halfway with the dumpling, it observed something else in addition to meat! It turned out an Fact Combo Product! It absolutely was a form of elixir capsule that had been most fitting for heart beasts since it could improve the mindset beasts figure and accelerate their expansion . Exhilarated, Small Whites sight lighted up and swallowed the other zongzi . It checked up at Grandma expectantly, wishing for a different one . Even so, Grandmother referred to as out, Zhonghua, Yue Yang, drive your kids to school! Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang every single drove a bright Ford towards the door of the property, beckoning their way . Thank you, Auntie! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili ran through and have in Yue Yangs automobile prior to the other folks . Auntie! Zhao Yanzi jumped into Yue Yangs auto . Clearly, Yue Yang appreciated her greater than Hao Zhonghua . Xie Yujia served Grandmother to clean up up before walking out and receiving into Hao Zhonghuas car or truck . Hao Ren adhered to her to the vehicle too . Stretches, Zhen Congming also got into Hao Zhonghuas car or truck . Yue Yang got a new bright white Ford . With four subscribers in the household, 1 motor vehicle were adequate for the kids . Having said that, along with the maximize in the short term and long term residents staying in their house, an individual auto could not any longer meet the needs of your spouse and children . Because of yesterdays rainfall, the road was slippery, along with the Ford powered by Yue Yang, who has been not really quite skilled drivers, was soon left out by Hao Zhonghuas Ford . Yesterday, I had a little argument with all your mom, Hao Zhonghua explained while he drove the car . Huh? Hao Ren made to see Hao Zhonghua . Over some minimal things . Hao Zhonghua shook his top of your head and investigated Xie Yujia who was being placed in your back seat via the rear-check out mirror . Yujia, are you planning to the U . S . for that the summer months crack? Ah? Stunned, Xie Yujia nodded . Erm… Internet marketing required to take a look at my mom and dad inside the U . S . Hao Ren considered look back at Xie Yujia, but he stayed private . Xie Yujia overlooked her parents in the U . S . , plus it was natural for her to keep them corporation over the the summer months holiday getaway . Ren, do you want to choose Yujia? Hao Zhonghua expected abruptly . Ugh? Hao Ren looked at Hao Zhonghua in big surprise . Yujias families maintained you once you were definitely tiny, additionally they hoped that you might visit them within the U . S . , Hao Zhonghua extended . Oh… Hao Ren hesitated . Arent Yujias families really occupied with the company? Their factories employed quite a few executives . Other than, their company is usually gradual in July and August, and are generally not fast paced in that time, Hao Zhonghua explained . Ability to hear his fathers terms, Hao Ren turned to view Xie Yujia and nodded . Okay . Ill go and check out them . Ok… Hao Zhonghua nodded with fulfillment . Unwell have some days off and opt for you . Isnt Mum really going? Hao Ren inquired quickly . She… Hao Zhonghua tightened his traction about the controls and said, She will be occupied, plus i dont assume she will bring whenever off following your finish of June . Oh… Hao Ren didnt consult any longer concerns . He glanced inside the back-viewpoint looking glass on his section and couldnt see Yue Yangs Ford any more . When Hao Zhonghua decreased off Zhen Congming with the door of LingZhao Primary University, Hao Ren who had been placed in the pa.s.senger seat saw a bright white Ford stopped at LingZhao Center Classes not faraway from them . Vivacious Zhao Yanzi bought out of your bright Ford and waved in the car owner enthusiastically . Whoos.h.!.+ Hao Zhonghua commenced his Ford and pa.s.sed Yue Yangs Ford . It was actually evident to Hao Ren that his families had been inside of a freezing battle . About 10 mins in the future, Hao Zhonghua drove Hao Ren and Xie Yujia into the door of Eastern Water College or university . Thanks a lot! Granddad! Xie Yujia bought away from the vehicle and noticed somewhat awkward . Dad, generate safe! Hao Ren thought to Hao Zhonghua . I am going to! Hao Zhonghua waved at him before switching the white Ford smoothly toward the motion with the Ocean Study Inst.i.tute where he performed . Standing up before the university gate, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia looked over the other with some embarra.s.sment . Enables go . The very first cla.s.s is going to get started on! Xie Yujia explained . Alright! Hao Ren turned immediately and strode into college campus . Shoulder to shoulder blades, they went toward School Constructing C with thoughts evaluating on their mind, but neither of which planned to talk about their feelings together . The university streets was damp and loaded with puddles . When they went across the puddles, they observed the reflections of those strolling shoulder joint to shoulder blades in water . Whether its not easy in your case, you do not will need to go and check out my mom and dad, Xie Yujia mentioned in a very very low speech . Oh! Its unlike that, Hao Ren answered hurriedly . There are plenty of stuff that I havent instructed them, Xie Yujia explained again in a very low sound . Such as? Hao Ren questioned tentatively . One example is, I havent explained to them that we as if you, Xie Yujia said . Splas.h.!.+ Hao Ren entered into a puddle . He transformed to think about Xie Yujia and discovered her concept didnt change . Im just kidding . My mom and dad pass up you also . Xie Yujia quickened her techniques and walked into Academic Building C . Following flicking the water off his shoes or boots, Hao Ren hurriedly came into the Academic Setting up C immediately after her . They went upstairs to the thirdly flooring and entered cla.s.sroom 312 . Their cla.s.smates had picked up useful to seeing them going to cla.s.s together . After all, in everyones sight, Hao Ren was Xie Yujias partner, and they ended up an authorized pair . There was two vacant chairs right in front row from the cla.s.sroom . Even if Zhou Liren who was resting throughout the last row waved at Hao Ren eagerly, Hao Ren adhered to Xie Yujia, and so they sat on the two drain seats at the front row . d.a.m.n! You neglect your friends when youre with all your fiancee! Zhou Liren muttered, dismissing the reality that he himself would promptly throw away his buddies at the appearance of stunning women . Pittpatter… It began to drizzle beyond your cla.s.sroom . The scholars who obtained just came back out of the Dragon Motorboat Event getaway had been all fatigued while coach about the software was discussing the synopsis for that ultimate examination . Xie Yujia lent Ma Linas notes and begun to backup them earnestly whilst Hao Ren checked up and listened properly . Following approaching Gen-levels, but not only his cultivation strength became, but his IQ expert a slight increase likewise . He recognized every thing the teacher claimed while intricate buildings of your mechanised pieces got shape in his intellect swiftly . He just couldnt realize why Zhao Yanzi, who acquired hit Zhen-level and thus was supposed to be a skilled gal, might be so terrible in their own studies . He credited it to her inattention to her cla.s.ses . The sole appears inside the cla.s.sroom ended up the instructors voice as well as the scratching sounds on paper as individuals had taken notices . Outside, the drizzle rinsed the airborne dirt and dust off of the fresh flowers and gra.s.ses, helping to make the red-colored and earth-friendly shades additional radiant . Instantly, he appreciated the inspectors token he possessed tossed into his pendant . He had it all out promptly and connected it to your string on his waistline . Visit my workplace when the cla.s.s ends . Su Hans tone of voice sounded out of the blue . Ok! Hao Ren addressed right away . The rest of the students as well as teacher checked out Hao Ren who had talked unexpectedly . Ugh… Practically nothing . Hao Ren decreased his brain slowly and gradually . He was still not designed to acquiring mail messages from Su Han throughout the expression . How was your holiday to 6th Paradise? Su Han requested . How are you aware that I attended 6th Heaven? Hao Ren expected in delight . Of course, it was subsequently convenient to speak without starting his oral cavity, but he experienced a strange experience as if Su Han was staying in his heart . Do you reckon the Dragon G.o.d Shrine doesnt know all that you do? Su Han said coldly .   Hao Ren was stunned the fact that Dragon G.o.d Shrine still was aware his whereabouts just after he place the expression, equivalent to a monitor, into his safe-keeping s.p.a.ce which might disconnect the outdoors essences and divine senses . It seemed to have practically nothing related to the expression . The cleverness community in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine acquired pass on to sites above Fifth Heaven, as well as its capability in obtaining information and facts was extraordinary . I just now searched around on 6th Heaven . Exactly what are you accomplishing? Hao Ren expected . However strong the cleverness community was, Hao Ren believed it was actually incapable of penetrate the Ethereal Summit, which resulted in the valley on Fifth Heaven was absolutely his private territory . Im drinking teas and developing, Su Han claimed . I see . Hao Ren could picture the world of Su Han creating in the business . Over a rainy day time similar to this, Su Han would look especially captivating whilst she sat in the home window . Whether its hassle-free for you… Su Han instantly sounded unwilling . Can you question Xie Yujia to produce two much more Beauty Products to me? You want them for a person? Hao Ren required . For myself . These are generally really effective My body received simpler right after I took it, Su Han resolved . Ugh… Hao Ren reduced his brain in exasperation .
“That’s good!” Grandmother nodded with total satisfaction . “Ren, you happen to be small gentleman and should take in three no less than three zongzi!”
About 10-20 minutes later on, Hao Zhonghua drove Hao Ren and Xie Yujia to the entrance of Eastern side Beach School .
“Very little White, occur! You consume a zongzi also!” Grandma position a little serving on to the ground and unwrapped a little zongzi before getting it to the pan .
“I just now appeared around on 6th Paradise . Just what are you doing?” Hao Ren questioned .
“How was your vacation to 6th Paradise?” Su Han asked .
In spite of how powerful the learning ability group was, Hao Ren thought that it was subsequently unable to pass through the Ethereal Summit, which resulted in the valley on Fifth Heaven was absolutely his personal territory .
“Arrived at my business in the event the cla.s.s ends . ” Su Han’s voice sounded unexpectedly .
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As it was halfway from the dumpling, it located something else furthermore animal meat!
“Oh…” Hao Ren hesitated . “Aren’t Yujia’s moms and dads pretty very busy using their organization?”
“Ok…” Hao Zhonghua nodded with total satisfaction . “I’ll acquire two or three days off and pick you . “
Selections from the Observator (1681-1687)
“If it’s not simple on your behalf, you don’t have to go and stop by my mothers and fathers,” Xie Yujia stated inside a minimal tone of voice .
“Ugh?” Hao Ren viewed Hao Zhonghua in delight .
Shoulder blades to shoulder, they walked toward School Establishing C with thought processes evaluating on their mind, but neither of which want to discuss their feelings with one another .
“All right!” Hao Ren resolved without delay .

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